HLP 2000M IR Paint Dryer

 HLP 2000M
This mobile infrared dryer is specifically designed for use in small areas.
Extremely mobile, the unit can be positioned accurately using the built in distance sensor control.
This model has 2 nos. 1kW glare control lamps, fitted into individual switchable cassettes. Lamps emit shortwave Ir heat ideal for optimising drying of water based paints.
This flexible system allows each cassette to be adjusted and locked into position around the contours of the vehicle body, ensuring maximum area coverage.
The drying cycle has all the features of the large systems with flash and bake controls both for temperature and time, automatically switching from flash to bake.
Area coverage : 800mm x 650mm
Minimum operating distance : 500mm
Maximum vertical curing height : 1750mm
Electrical : 220/240V, 2kW, 50Hz, 8.50 Amps.
Lamp : 1kW glare control shortwave IR lamps fitted to each cassette, 500mm long
Long lamp life with an average of 6000 hours
Specially designed electronic power and time control, offering 0-100% heat instantly through twin 30 minute timers on both the flash and bake settings.
Distance indicator with safety cut off if unit is moved too close.
Robust steel frame fitted with rear wheel locking castors.
Maintenance free cassettes with no fan or filter changes.
Individually switched cassettes.
Horizontal or vertical cassette operation.
Average curing times
Filler : 4-6 minutes
Primer : 6-8 minutes
Top coat : 10-12 minutes