Automobile Industry applications



  1. Curing of paint on vehicle bodies in IR tunnel ovens.

  2. Curing of paint in top-up applications by mobile spot heaters.

  3. Carpets in the seat wells are moulded using heat to soften the material, which is then placed in a press. This process is used for producing parcel shelves also.

  4. Curing of resin on alternator windings. Resin is dripped on to the windings, which are rotating slowly. The purpose of the resin is to stop the windings from flying apart due to centrifugal force when they are rotating at a high speed in the alternators. The windings with the resin are passed between lines of infrared heaters to cure the resin.

  5. Vacuum forming of auto parts

  6. Curing of paint on horns. Horns are mounted on horizontal carriers, which are carried by chains vertically between the two banks of heaters. The height of the heaters depends on the type of paint used and the speed of the chains.

  7. Lacquer curing on reflector plates of headlights.