Electric Infrared heating provides:
High throughput – rapid heating from electric IR emitters shortens treatment times and increases production rates. As compared to convection ovens, a more constant rate of heating is also obtained as the source temperature is normally much higher than that of the product even at the end of the cycle.
Better product quality – controllable, predictable heating reduces wastage and promotes product quality.
Easy servicing – IR ovens reach working temperature fast; downtime is negligible and servicing is quick and simple.
Energy efficient use – little energy is absorbed by the oven enclosure or lost to the surroundings.
Elimination of atmospheric pollution due to the absence of combustion products.
Resistant to moisture, solvents.
Production flexibility – clean, safe and adaptable, electric infrared ovens allow optimum factory layout and promote an efficient working environment.
Easy installation, reliable operation, low maintenance and efficient use of energy.

As infrared heating offers a number of advantages over conventional methods of heating, these are being used extensively for newer applications. 

Some of the most common applications where IR heating is used are :