Coil Heaters

 Coil heaters are used in hot runner moulds, sprue bush and on nozzles.


They provide a wide contact area which helps in achieving high levels of heat transfer and thermal conductivity.


Working temperature of 700 deg C is attainable and the optimal insulation helps in achieving long life.


These can be offered with an inbuilt J-type or K-type thermocouple. Also, these can be incorporated into Brass or Aluminium castings for increased mechanical strength.


The cross sections offered by us are 3mm x 3.3mm and 2.2mm x 4mm. These are available in staright lengths and are coiled as per the customer's requirement.


Specifications :


Sheath : SS 304 and SS 316

Heating Element : Nickel - Chromium

Insulation : high purity MgO

Connecting wire : Nickel wire with PTFE coating

Exit : Radial, Axial, Tangential

Power tolerance : +/- 10%

Insulation resistance : ≥ 5 Ohms

Current leakage : 0.5mA

Sheath temperature : 750 deg C maximum