Twin Tube Infrared Lamps

We offer Twin tube infrared lamps made of high quality quartz glass. The unique design enables high radiation power as well as excellent mechanical stability.


These are available with Gold reflector coating for high thermal efficiency.


The advantage of twin tube lamp is that it allows more watts/inch as compared to single tube lamps. It is thus possible to attain higher temperatures in shorter times.


These twin tube lamps are available in shortwave as well as fast response medium wavelength range.


Features of twin tube shortwave IR lamps :


  • wavelength between 1 to 2 microns

  • Tungsten filament

  • Heat up time of 1-2 seconds

  • Gold coated

  • Working life of 5000 hours



Features of twin tube fast response medium wave IR lamps :


  • wavelength in the medium wave range

  • special tunsten coiling technique

  • Heat up time of a few seconds

  • Gold coated

  • Working life of 7000 hours


Most of these lamps are custom made and can be offered with distributed wattage profile also. These could be with one sided connections or two sided connection.